Monday, November 10, 2008

Blue Robe à la Française

November 10, 2008

My friend, a photographer and cosplay enthusiast, invited me to go out and take pictures! I didn't want to mess with getting my current cosplay projects finished, so I decided to dig out something old. Very, very old.
I had started on this blue robe à la francaise quite a few years back. I had bought the fabric on a trip to LA's garment district, but the gown was left in what was more or less an unfinished state for quite a while. So, when I was invited to do the photoshoot, something in me decided to finish the gown, or, at least, get it to a wearable state. So, I finished off the raw edges, bought some dark gold silk essence fabric (the stuff is's habotai weight faux silk, and I lurve it...maybe a little too much) to make the underskirt and ruched accents. I managed to finish the gown over the course of two days, including making my panniers wearable. I'm not quite sure how I managed it!
The photos turned out spectacularly well, I can't wait to work with Viviane again. Enjoy!

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