Saturday, December 27, 2008


At long last, the embroidery on the bodice is finished! The thought of never having to put another stitch of embroidery on that bloody thing makes me happy beyond words.
Unfortunately, the journey isn't over yet...I still have to embroider the sleeves and the front hems of the skirt before I can really say that all of the embroidery is finished.
I've finally decided on a sleeve design! I want to do pansied sleeves for this gown, with a line of embroidery down each sleeve panel that matches the embroidery on the bodice. Yes, it will be time consuming, but if I keep at it I should have it finished in time to wear to Four Winds, which is a mere two months away. The embroidery on the skirt is also going to be the same as the bodice, just a little larger so it doesn't disappear in the folds of the fabric. I'm also definitely going to cartridge pleat the skirt this time, which will give the skirt a little more body, and I'll probably line the skirt with some black muslin to give it a bit more weight.
I've also finally figured out what to do with the forepart. I came across a Tudor-era portrait of a girl with this wonderful gown, which I, stupidly, did not save, but the forepart was decorated with lines of gold ribbon that I think would add a much needed visual element to my current forepart. Thankfully, I have plenty of wide gold ribbon in my own personal stock, so the forepart should be done pretty quickly.
Below are pics of the finished embroidery with different exposures to show different details, plus a sneak preview of what the bodice will look like once it's all sewn together.

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