Friday, February 27, 2009

Cardinal Sforza, and other Anime Cosplays

February 27, 2009

Well, I'm off the Elizabethan boat for a while because I need to concentrate on anime cosplays for A-kon 20. Normally, getting ready for a big con wouldn't be a huge deal, especially since there are still several months between then and now. But, I was pulled into several group cosplays with friends, so now I have a grand total of 12 costumes that I am going to take with me -

Trinity Blood - Cardinal Caterina Sforza - 70%
Trinity Blood - Rosenkreuz Caterina - 100%
Trinity Blood - Helga von Vogelweide (EiseHexe) - 75%
Fate/Stay Night - Saber - 20%
Street Fighter - Ingrid - 5%
Avatar : The Last Airbender - The Painted Lady - 35%
Soul Calibur IV - Ashlotte - 35%
Tokyo Decadence/Cyberpunk - 5%
Steampunk Aristocrat - 100%
Hellsing - Sir Integral Hellsing - 100%
Hellsing - Battle!Integra - 85%
Chobits - Chii - 100%

Thankfully, most of these are complete or nearly complete. Cardinal Caterina Sforza has been getting the royal treatment lately and is, at long last, nearly complete. Helga von Vogelweide went increadibly quickly, and is also nearly complete. Most everything else is very simple (The Painted Lady, Ingrid), with the possible exception of Ashlotte, who is still a royal pain in my posterior. The good thing is, though, that I don't have Ashlotte tied to any group cosplays or photoshoots, so if she isn't finished by A-kon it won't disrupt anything.
My schedule for A-kon is already starting to fill up, too. Strangely, most of the events I'm participating in are on Friday, with Saturday and Sunday still completely free to ponce about aimlessly. :D
Friday's events :
12:00 - Steampunk Luncheon (co-host)
2:30/3:00 - Trinity Blood photoshoot (host)
6:30/7:00 - Hellsing Photoshoot
7:30/8:00 - Steampunk Teaparty (co-host)
8:00/8:30 - Steampunk Ball
TBA - Clamp photoshoot
TBA - Adult Swim photoshoot

After that, nada. There may be an Avatar : The Last Airbender shoot sometime Saturday, and possibly a Street Fighter group, but nothing has really been decided. Looks like it's going to be a busy A-kon!

In other news, I updated Caterina with pictures and a short write up.

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