Friday, September 18, 2009

Holy Cow

I think I've lost my mind. This is my latest ambition :

Yup, definitely lost my mind.

This gown is from the 1938 production of Marie Antoinette, starring Norma Shearer. To the right is Gladys George as Madam du Barry. I fell in love with this dress the minute I saw it. It's shiny, it's huge, it's 100% over the top, and I LOVE IT. And I must have it.
Unlike some of Norma Shearer's gowns, there don't seem to be any colour photographs of this one. But, watching the scene, since Marie Antoinette is in white, it's a safe guess that this gown is black. I'm going with black and silver for my version. I'll probably make it in velvet, and I've found that CCartwright has bulk flat metallic sequins...15,000 sequins for $12. Za.
I'm hoping that Wal-Mart will be getting in their Christmas fabrics soon, because they always get at least a bolt each of black and red cotton velvet. I intend to buy it all the minute it comes in. This will be the product of it. If I can't get my hands on the Wal-Mart velvet, then Silk Connection sells black silk velvet for $10/yard. Not as cheap as the cotton, but a damned good price for silk velvet.

In other news, I have pictures from AnimeFest up! Not here, though. I have them up on Facebook. See them here :
AnimeFest 2009
AnimeFest Trinity Blood Photoshoot

I've also set up Myspace and Facebook pages for our cosplay group, Better than Stuff. You can visit us here:
Better than Stuff on Myspace
Better than Stuff on Facebook

I'll be uploading pictures, videos, and all sorts of things, so please friend us! :D

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