Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to it!

My, my I've been away for quite a while! Sorry about that, life got in the way. ^^; I'm back sewing again, and it hurts. My pocketbook. It's writhing in pain. Mind you, I haven't spent any vast amount of money, not by a long shot, but even shelling out the $20 I spent today on friggin' beads, beads, hurt me very deeply indeed. But, at the moment I am very determined to finish the green court gown of doom in time to wear for the opening of Scarby this year, which gives me until Easter weekend to work it all out. I've made a few revisions to the gown design, too, which I think will make it much more exciting. Instead of the regular overskirt/underskirt/forepart combination, I'm going to do a paned skirt, similar to paned sleeves, something like what's seen in this portrait of Elizabeth at Prayer. Instead of the large scrollwork pattern, I'm going to work out something in goldwork, probably a border of some sort, and maybe some sort of scrollwork pattern to fill out the panels. I'm not sure yet. I do know that I want the border to be the same embroidery as is on the bodice. I've decided to digitize the blackwork pattern I was using and just machine embroider the skirt, since it would definitely take too long to do by hand and I'm sick and tired of hand embroidering. I want this thing finished!
I also blinged up the bodice a bit. I outlined each sleeve panel with beads, which improved everything by 800%, and I'm adding in the last of the AB crystals to the centres of the flowers. I'm working on finishing up the last bit on the first sleeve, and I've started embroidering the second set of sleeve panels during my lunch breaks at work. I still need to make the bound eyelets up the back...a daunting task, ugh. I'm eager to start on the rebato and the head eating ruff (of doom!). There are some mundane things to do...undersleeves, embroidered cuffs, etc. Not sure what to do on an underskirt. I could do white to match the undersleeves, or black as a contrast...not sure yet. I'm leaning toward black, though.
I should probably try to finish the light blue court gown (yet more hand embroidery, ugh!), and Omi-san's gown. There's allot of embroidery on that gown, too, but all of that can be done with the machine. ^^

And now, for a bit of inspiration, some new(ish) pictures of that scrumptious black gown from The Lost Colony!

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