Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A diversion for Shiny Things

I have a problem. I am easily...very easily...distracted by Shiny Things.

And today was a day for distraction.

The entire day had started badly. I had found out a homework assignment in Algebra was late, the fabric stores, (yes plural) were completely sold out of their extra-wide double-fold black bias tape, and then Joann's computer crashed and rejected all my cards.

Now, I'm not one to resort to retail therapy when I'm stressed, but dammit, after all of that, I wanted to shop.

There's a fabulous place here in the DFW area called Sam Moon. They're an accessory paradise, and have amazing costume jewelry. So, I made the jaunt up the ever obnoxious I-35W to this little slice of costumer heaven, and $50 later, came home with this -

One very lovely necklace, two bracelets, two pairs of earrings, and 24 twist in hair jewels. I could have bought three times as much, but I was trying to be good. ^^; All of this is destined to be paired with the red contouche and other 18thC gowns. The entire time I was walking through the store, I kept hearing the chorus to 'I want Candy' in my head, so just call me Marie. Now, to go and get some homework done...


  1. OMG!!! these accoutrements 9 this jewelry) is so tres tres! I work with hot glass and silver etc and love to sew imaginative clothing. So of course i am labeled " eccentric" (they really mean "crazy!!) But I agree with you completely, modern stuff is BORING TO THE MAX. Thanks for sharing your incredible interests. Only, where is the DFW area? chezbdeux

  2. PS Bianca, I MUST have some of these jewels!! Would you please publish more photos of your "stash"?? We must not lose each other. Yourrrr Mahvellouss Dahling, Chuss Mahvellous!!! ha ha!!!! Kate (chezb)I don't know where they got 10:58pm, here it's a bit ater 2am!

  3. Hi, Kate! Thanks for the comments! :D
    DFW is the Dallas/Fort Worth area here in Texas. We're lucky enough to have some great local resources, like the fabric district in Dallas, and Sam Moon for accessories. Unfortunately, there just aren't many excuses to actually wear all my 18thC and Victorian goodies! Thank goodness for the local costumer's guild!
    Sam Moon has an online store - They have all sorts of goodies on there, so happy hunting! :D

  4. Ooo, great lot! We have a similar store here and I can never get out of there without spending at least $50 and I'm always "trying to be good" too, lol!