Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lattice Smocked Sleeves, Redux

I've been looking at my stats for the blog, and have been surprised time and time again that my lattice smocked sleeves, which I sadly abandoned quite some time ago, are getting huge amounts of hits! In fact, over the entire life of my blog, the entry on the lattice smocked sleeves has almost twice as many hits as any other page.
So, for you, dear readers, I am going to dig them out and complete them. I can always use an extra pair of sleeves, and hopefully, any info I post will be useful to someone that is endeavouring to make a pair themselves. :) Stay tuned for further updates!
Also, in the next few days, look forward to pics of a completed Jin Kisaragi, and a pair of Wrath of Khan Starfleet uniforms!

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