Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Musings on a Coronation Gown

Well, it was bound to happen, wasn't it? Looking through my costume closet, I'm just not seeing any of my current gowns as being grand enough for a coronation, even one at a fairly small Renaissance faire.
Yes, you've probably seen me post that picture before. I think it's some sort of affliction, like it's boring into my brain and nibbling away at my attention span. I always seem to come back to this blog entry, which has wonderful pictures of the Lost Colony costumes in the workshop.
I wasn't sure about making a coronation gown at first, but now I really, really want to. The trick is to do it on a budget, and to do it mostly with scraps that I have in my stash. Eep! With my stash of fabrics and notions running shamefully low these days, I'm having to come up with some new ideas. I've been digging through the stash, trying to find the other 1 1/2 yards of gold damask that I needed for the Gold Beaded gown, which I haven't worked on in a couple of weeks because I can't find the motivation to bead a gown that I don't have the fabric to finish! I thought that, maybe, if I could find the rest of the fabric in my scraps, then I could finish the skirt and make myself a second bodice. So far, no luck.
Option 2, is to eBay it. I did manage to find 8 1/2 yards of gold damask on eBay for a whopping $14.00! BUT, the auction doesn't end for another 4 days, so I'm sitting here waiting for the clock to wind down. If I have to, I can pull off this dress for under $30...but I really don't want to spend the money right now! ~headdesk~
We'll see what the next few days brings about. I've replenished my bead stock and have a couple of ideas to sketch out for the gown, so I have something to keep me occupied until the auction is over. Oh yeah, and some commissions. ^^; More later!


  1. oh my god that dress is so fantastic!!!!

  2. Isn't it? I'm completely in love with it!

  3. Wow your eye for color is fantastic, the crown hood you made will match this gown perfectly, if you can get the fabric in the nearly same shade of renaissance gold. Hope it turns out.