Sunday, July 17, 2011

And a Klingon, too!

So, I had to take a break from all the stitching and sewing, and making of Starfleet uniforms (three in the works at the moment) to make something shiny. I had planned to make a Klingon breastplate to display on the dealer's room table, so to refresh my mind and reboot my system, I decided to make it this weekend.

As with most armour I make, the base is of craft foam. :D I drew the pattern directly onto the foam while looking at a bunch of reference images.

At this point, the pattern wasn't entirely accurate, but since it's foam it's easy to add and subtract bits as needed. This breastplate is being made to fit my display mannequin, which is a size 0/2, so if it looks quite a bit smaller than my usual projects, that's why!

Anyway, once I had the base patterned out, I traced the different parts of the pattern to create some of the raised parts, like outer edging and the glyphs. I also modified the pattern at this point, removing some parts in the centre, adding some bits to the top, and just changing it where it was needed.

Then I started adding the basket weave pattern around the main body.

And that's where I am right now. By the time I finished the basket weave, it was 7:30AM and I'd been working all night, so I put it away to go pass out. I plan to actually finish this up over the next two days, so I'll have pics of more progress fairly soon. Also, I will add pics of those Starfleet uniforms once I actually have something worthwhile to show!

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