Monday, August 29, 2011

I Want Candy

So, I've been thinking the 18th Century quite a bit lately, and really, who doesn't? I've been toying with the idea of finally making the bubblegum pink gown that I've been wanting since the 2006 Marie Antoinette movie came out. I started to sift through some 1770s fashion plates, and instead of finding something in pink, I came across TONS of gowns in lavender purple! Of all things!
And wouldn't you know, I happen to have 7-8 yards of lavender satin in my stash! What a coincidence!!! I totally didn't buy all that satin with a polonaise in mind. Nooo.

I've been looking at these plates, trying to decide what I want to make. I'm leaning heavily toward the Grand Gown, since 1) It's amazing, and 2) I only have 8 yards, and it wouldn't be enough for the gown and the petticoat, so having a gown with a white petticoat would eliminate any trouble I'd have trying to match, what is now, a discontinued fabric. Also, that gown is amazing.

These are the fashion plates that I found, in order from most favourite to least favourite. Opinions would be grand!

P.S. I did manage to find one fashion plate of a pink gown, and I rather like it! Sharing for future reference. :)


  1. That movie was crazy eye candy, if nothing else.

    At any rate. It sounds like you've already figured out your plan for this piece. ;-) I enjoy the layered effect of them all. And there is nothing like the Rococo for frosting-like trimmings. The shorter (ankle?) length ones are sort of awkward looking with so much body in the skirts and pettis without touching the ground. But perhaps the plates were just showing off the shoes? (Not so familiar with this period) I actually enjoy the stronger horizontal elements in the second plate, creating a strong contrast. The first is very Rococo, but a little too busy for my personal taste, I guess. I'm sure whatever you decide to tackle will look amazing (your work is so consistently beautiful)!

    And for all that rambling, I'm not sure I was actual helpful. Sorry.

  2. I'm not fond of the walking length skirts either (the shorter ones), it just makes things look all off-kilter. I've seen it done beautifully by some other costumers, with smaller petticoats and supports and what have you, but I still prefer the longer dresses. :)
    Everyone seems to be in love with the second dress! lol I can understand why, it's a beautiful gown, and it would be great for day wear, were the grand gown wouldn't be appropriate for, say, a picnic, or something like that. But I'm still leaning toward the grand gown anyway. lol

  3. I like how most of them have yellow or gold trim to contrast the purple. Finding a printed fabric with both colors would be fab to go with perhaps~
    Like you, I say go Grand or go home! LOL