Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Burton-esque Gown

My wonderful photographer friend has finally posted some pics from our shoot last weekend, and they are fabulous! She makes me look amazing, which is always wonderful, and the gown looks fabulous. :D We spent most of our time in the local botanical gardens. We had been hoping that the forecast of overcast and rainy would help us get a Sleepy Hollow sort of vibe, but as soon as we arrived in the gardens, it cleared up and became a sunny, beautiful day! So, we ditched the Sleepy Hollow theme and just went with a general "look at my pretty dress!" theme.
After the gardens, we invaded this fantastic fortress of a church on the other side of town. The architecture really gave the feel of being in some grand estate or a castle home. We were trying to be a bit sneaky since services hadn't let out yet, but we felt better once one of the priests spotted us and said, "I love your outfit!"
I'm sure there will be more pics to come soon, but I couldn't wait to share these. :D

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