Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Stash Dash

It's that time of year again. The air is cooling, the leaves will soon start to turn, and that second yearly urge to clean out the clutter is about to come around. Well, it happens to me, anyway. I tend to buy a lot of fabric during the summer, have a lot of scraps left over from summer commissions, and have generally accumulated a lot of flotsam in the summer. What does this mean? The fall stash dash!
I've already dug up a bunch of old costumes that I plan to sell on eBay, mostly Lord of the Rings inspired stuff that'll be good for Halloween and upcoming Ren Faires.
I've managed to find a couple of bolts of fabric, and I feel the need to do things with them instead of letting them languish in the stash for much longer. Among these fabrics is a BRIGHT orange floral damask. Not historically accurate by any means, but rather pretty, and it's BRIGHT orange, and I haven't seen much BRIGHT orange garb of any era. So, I'm thinking about doing something like this with it.

LACMA 1725-1750, Italian

I also have a boat load of green tone on tone damask. I haven't posted a page for it, (add that to the list of costumes to add to the portfolio!), but I made a simple Elizabethan/Tudor style gown out of it a few years ago. I have about 40, yes 40 more yards of that fabric. So, I want to make something like this.

Met Museum, ca. 1775, American

I'm still digging through The Stash, and I'm sure more goodies will float to the top of my fabric bins. Anyone else de-stashing right now?

Edit: I added a page for that green damask gown I was talking about!


  1. I definitely need to do some destashing! My motivation has been sadly lacking lately, so I think I'm going to start by tidying and reorganizing my space. Sometimes that jumpstarts things for me.

    I LOVE that green damask! If you ever decide that 40 yards is just too much, I'd be happy to buy some of it from you. :)

  2. I've been on a total 18thC kick, so everything I come across in The Stash is probably going to end up Georgian. :p Which, I'm sure, will be fabulous when the Ren Faire comes around and I have nothing to wear. lol
    Organizing is good. I always start by tidying, and then just end up making more of a mess as I work on stuff. lol

  3. Damasks always make me drool... Along with the brocades. Which is probably not a good thing, considering you can't just throw them in the washer to remove saliva stains ;-)