Monday, October 3, 2011

The Black Hat Society's Midnight Dreary Feast

October is definitely the month for costume events, and the month had started out in fine form. The Black Hat Society got together once again for a Poe/Steampunk/Mad Scientist/Alchemy themed dinner. Our host, lovingly known as the Lord of Lace, had written an entire murder mystery event for us to play along with, with several of the guests chosen to be cast members. The plot involved a wealthy scientist and his dysfunctional family. It was discovered that the deceased had had an affair with pretty much every person at the table! And, it was not truly a murder, as the professor had discovered the secret to human-animal transformation, and converted himself into a pig! Unfortunately, the maid had just that day discovered a pig roaming the property and had taken it to the butcher. Oops! But, the maid had done a fine job of preparing him, and the professor tasted delicious.

Everyone did a wonderful job of getting into character. There was the lush mother with her giant snifter of wine, the shrew of a daughter (who had a bottle of arsenic and a book entitled "How to Poison your Unloving Father for Dummies"), the professor's assistant with his trophy wife (who were both having affairs with the professor), the insane adopted son (who, every time we glanced over at, was swatting at imaginary flies or gnawing on his plate), the grounds keeper (who was having an affair with the lush wife, and who was played like the Rainman), and the nervous and fidgety maid (also having an affair with the professor). Everyone was brilliant, and the script was hysterical. We were all in fits of laughter all night long, and had a grand time.

Our hosts had prepared a wonderful meal - starters of baked brie and made from scratch croissants, cheeses, and fruits, and a main course of delicious ham, potato salad, green beans, and cranberry rice. It all tasted fabulous! I had intended to make a cheesecake for the evening, but ran out of time, so I brought a red velvet cake instead, and a few bottles of wine.

The entire room was decked out with test tubes full of different coloured potions, giant urns of bubbling and smoking liquids, books on alchemy, and every wonderful thing. Many of the props were built specifically for the occasion, and were quite beautiful. Our hosts did a wonderful job of getting everyone involved in the plot, and keeping us entertained.

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