Monday, January 2, 2012

Carnival du Freak - New Year's Sideshow Ball

The Lord of Lace certainly knows how to put on a party!  For New Year's, he had planned a sideshow/carnival/circus ball, and he certainly didn't disappoint.

Our dear Lord of Lace as the Bearded Lady!
It was lovely to see as many people in costume as there were, as well!  We had a lizard couple, a Voodoo man, a couple of fortune tellers, a bearded lady, and many other wonderful carnival inspired costumes. 

I arrived early to help with some of the setup, and to help the Bearded Lady dress for the evening, since he was borrowing my clothes for the event. While he was making himself pretty, I layered myself in black fluffiness, only to discover that I had made my bodice about an inch too small!  Thankfully, the Lord of Lace was able to sew me in, and just before the other party guests began to arrive!  I was even lucky enough that a friend had a pair of tattoo sleeves at home that I could borrow, so I was still able to be the Tattooed Lady!

Everyone brought a bit of food, so there was a huge array of things to eat, everything from wontons to chocolate Guinness shortbread cake.  And, of course, there was plenty of champagne!

There were all sorts of wonderful party games planned for us carnival goers. (I'll post pictures of these when I get them!) I entertained everyone by driving things into my skull with a hammer (it's wonderful to have friends in the sideshow to teach you fun things!), and T.C. juggled apples for us. We played and danced and had a fabulous time until midnight, when we turned on the TV and counted down to the New Year.


  1. And I was feeling okay with my nice, lazy, doing nothing for New Year's Eve... This makes me a little jealous ;-)

    It also makes me want to watch Carnivale again...

  2. I have a question!! How did she get her skin like that in the last photo? Is it a temporary tattoo or make up?

    1. It's makeup. You put a fishnet socking over your face and apply the makeup over it. When you remove the stocking, it will leave a scale pattern on the skin. :)