Monday, April 2, 2012

Stripey Steampunk

I am sooo happy with how this outfit turned out. I absolutely love the bodice, and will definitely end up recreating this style again.  I did, however, fall into the trap of the "typical" steampunk colours - black, bronze, etc. I actually have a yard of so of this wonderful peacock green bridal satin in my Stash that I'm trying to figure out what to do with for my next ensemble...

Anyway, on to the pics!


  1. Your dress was amazing, and I am SO happy you came so I could see it in person. It is quite a show-stopper!

  2. Really nice! I've contemplated the steam punk thing but there just isn't enough places for me to use it in. I don't have a group for my reproductions either....but I can only try and create one group at a time!

  3. Loving that bodice! The cut, asymmetrical front, buttons, trim... And maybe the colours were 'typical', but you so work that outfit. Gorgeous!