Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Commission: Luka - Vocaloid

This year's A-kon was MUCH less hectic than last year, especially commission-wise. Last year I had a good half-dozen orders to fill. This year, I had only one gown to complete, a character from Vocaloid named Luka.

It took me forever to find a bodice pattern with shaped cups like in the reference pic. Thank goodness for Burda! This is the second time that Burda's patterns have saved my ass, they're really starting to become my go-to pattern company. I used Burda B7317 as a jumping off point for the bodice and went from there. The only thing about the pattern I couldn't work out was how the back overlap panel was supposed to work. It didn't line up with the back pattern piece at all, and I couldn't figure out what they wanted me to do with it. So, I just left it off and added a regular modesty panel like I usually do.

The skirt was a simple tiered ruffle skirt that I made my usual way, like in my tutorial. The only difference is that the lace I was using to create the tiers was 15" wide, so instead of cutting fabric to the proper lengths, I had to work out how many tiers I could add with the amount of lace I had purchased.

 This skirt is kitty approved.

This was overall a pretty simple build, it was just time consuming.

I'm hoping that I'll come across a pic of my girl wearing the dress somewhere, but so far, no luck! I'm still digging through all the A-kon photo galleries, so hopefully I'll find one soon. :D

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