Monday, June 4, 2012

A-kon 23!

I'm back from A-kon, and, sadly, I don't have many costume pics to share with you. My intention had been to take pics all weekend and upload them from my phone to my FB page, but then my phone ended up taking horrible pics, and the phone eventually just died altogether, so my plan fell apart.

But! I did have a photoshoot with some other members of my ship on Saturday morning. Here are few shots:

You can see the rest on E's flickr set: A-kon 23 by SeraphicMuse

I'll hopefully have the few pics from my camera uploaded soon. The lighting in the con is pretty terrible, so they'll need a bit of processing. I'll share as soon as they are finished.

I didn't do much cosplaying this time around. I feel like I just need to ease back into anime conventions since I took all of last year off. I just wore the Starfleet uniform on Saturday morning, and then got back into my civvies for the rest of the weekend.
I attended quite a few panels. All the panels I was interested in ended up being run by the same man, so a lot of it ended up being the same info repackaged, but he was engaging and gave the names of some good local suppliers for things like mold making supplies, so I did get some good tips. :) The Lolita Beyond the Basics planel on Sunday was a riot, and throughly enjoyable.

All in all, A-kon turned out to be a very relaxed and enjoyable experience this year. :) I'm hoping to have Esther finished for AnimeFest in September and enter her in the cosplay contest. :)

Next event is only a week away, so stay tuned for some bustle era shenanigans with the DFW Costumer's Guild!

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