Thursday, September 6, 2012

Commission - Cotton Candy Princess

This commission almost didn't come together in time. The time frame to make this one was short to begin with, and when I ordered the fabric, it took 3 weeks to come in. So, by the time it arrived, I had a one week crunch time to make the entire costume. Luckily, it's not a very complicated outfit, so I was able to pull it off, and I have to say, E looks totally adorable.

The stripey bit is actually a jumpsuit. I had a bit of trouble with it because it just didn't want to hold its shape up top. I originally made a regular jumpsuit, but that ended up not staying up around the bust like it needed to, and the stripes up top didn't go the right direction. So, I took it apart, cut it in half at the waist, and created an entirely new top for it. I first made a strapless top to go under the bodice so that it would keep its shape and stay in place. This took care of the fit issues and the directionality of the stripes.

The skirt and wrist puffs were made with quilt batting. I had a heavy duty strap for the waistband, and sewed down some quilt batting to form a good base. I then used spray adhesive and paint to add layers of fluff and color to the skirt, working on getting that cotton candy look to the fluff.