Friday, January 4, 2013

Teens dress, finished!

This has to be one of my quickest projects, start to finish. I'm so pleased with how quickly everything came together, even with the few hiccups I ran across.

The hiccup was, of course, the sleeves. What else could it have been? I originally planned to have a black tone-on-tone sheer sleeve. I couldn't find a fabric like what I had in mind, so I bought some black chiffon and some black ribbon, intending to add the stripes myself.

But once I put the sleeve on the gown, I hated it.

UGH. Horrible. So, I scrapped the sleeves and let the dress sit for the rest of the day while I finished other things. I eventually decided to just go with the original sleeves from the Downton dress, which were made of the same striped fabric as the dress, with vertical lines on the sleeve, and horizontal sleeves on the cuff. I didn't think I would like it with the narrow stripe of my fabric, but it actually looks perfect!

Once the sleeves were finished, all that remained was to add the zipper and hook and eye closure to the back, and it was done!
Now all I need is a big hat.