Monday, November 11, 2013

Starfleet USO Show

After nearly a year of hermit-ude, not going to events, sewing anything, or doing anything really worth blogging about, I am finally coming out of my rut and doing things again. This weekend was the Starfleet USO Show, which was absolutely fabulous. It was held at Louie Louie's Piano Bar, which put on a very entertaining show.

We had all sorts of aliens in attendance - Andorians, Klingons, Orions, Romulans, and, of course, yours truly, the Token Cardassian.

It was a fabulous evening. The Orion girls are a dance group from Louisiana called "Orion's Envy". They got up on stage with the pianos and shimmied to "I like green butts, and I cannot lie"! We raised money for the USO, enjoyed each other's company, and I got to meet some people in the 1701st I've only known from online, some of them coming from out of state to join us! It was a wonderful evening, and I'm looking forward to the next 1701st event, where I'll be marching with my local contingent in the Children's Medical Center Holiday Parade! The parade will be telecast, so be sure to tune in, and look out for aliens!

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