Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Stripey Pelisse

So, I recently brought home two display curtains from work, from a line that had been discontinued. The fabric is this wonderful black/silver stripe that I've been drooling over for a while now, all the time knowing that I wanted to turn it into a jacket of some sort. My first thought was a 1780s/90s jacket in the style of the famous KCI jacket, but after a while, my thoughts morphed it into a pelisse, and that's where it stayed. So, I started looking for some inspiration. Here are some of the fashion plates and paintings that struck me.

None of them are terribly complicated, and the main thing I like on most of them is the neck ruff thingy. I think it would be wonderful to have all that lacy fluff at the neckline. A lot of the pelisses I've seen tend to get really fussy, especially as it gets into the 1820s - lots of couched on braid, funny little sleeves that look like leaves, stuff like that. Don't get me wrong, I adore those fussy coats, they're completely fabulous. But in this case I want to showcase the fabric itself. I do plan to make one of those really showy pelisses in the future, though, but it'll have to wait until I don't have such a tight deadline.

Yup, I'm actually planning this one for something! There are going to be a couple of different Regency events in March, so I have quite a few things to make! A day dress, the pelisse, an evening gown, the Frankencorset, a shift, and a bodice petticoat, are all on the books to finish before mid-March. Eep! So, in the interest of time, I going to forgo the hand-sewing and do it all on the machine. There's just too much to do in too little time to take the time to hand-sew the entire shebang. But, at least I'll finally have my Regency wardrobe! Stay tuned for lots of Regency mayhem.

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