Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Regency Short Stays

Regency short stays have always been sort of a 'meh' item for me. I didn't think they could sufficiently wrangle my girls, so I never really had the desire to make them. But, when I realized that Frankencorset wasn't going to be finished in time for my events, I decided that I needed to make myself some sort of undies that were right for the period. So, short stays!

The pattern was entirely drafted, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I'm very proud to say that I haven't used a single commercial pattern this year; so far, everything has been drafted or draped! With these short stays, I looked at a lot of extant pieces, a lot of blog entries, and at most of the commercial patterns available out there before finally coming up with a design that I was happy with. (I'll have a tutorial on how to draft your own pattern up within the next few days. ^^)

The stays themselves have an outer layer of cotton sateen, an interlining of drill, and are lined in muslin. There is a bit of boning at the center back, side seams, and center front, as well as one that runs diagonally from the side seam downward toward the center front.

The cording itself was done with some yarn that I had on hand. This was entirely a stash dash project, everything was already in the sewing room, waiting to be made into something fabulous. Cording took three days in total, and final construction was another day and a half. I did the cording on the front before I added in the bust gussets, since it seemed it would be easier to do it while everything was flat.

The diagonal boning on the front follows the diagonal line of cording that goes from the top side seam down toward the center front.

I even did my first ever hand-bound eyelets!

All in all, I'm extremely happy with this little set of stays. There's also a corded petticoat in the works, which should be finished up shortly, so I'll be posting about that in the next couple of days. ^^

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