Friday, April 18, 2014

1880s Corsets & Crinolines Overbust

I finally got around to finishing it! I started this one almost a month ago, but sort of set it aside when it came time to binding the edges, since that's my least favourite part of corset making. But, I finally buckled down, finished the binding, added the flossing, and set the grommets. I'm so glad I finally finished it, because I am in love with this corset!

These pictures are very true to the real color of the silk. It's a light gold, which I added cranberry top-stitching and flossing to. This was my first time flossing a corset, and I think I'm going to include it in all of my "modern" corsets (post-Romantic era stuff). I used this Flossing Guide by Sidney Eileen to pick my flossing pattern. I want to experiment with other flossing designs in the future, there are just so many to choose from!

The corset itself provides some great support. The only thing I wish was a bit different was the waist shaping. I was hoping for a bit more hip spring, and was expecting it since I'd seen such wonderful examples of amazing hourglass corsets made from this pattern, but the line is much smoother in the one I ended up making. Maybe it's because I used had been digitized by someone else, and I hadn't taken it directly from the book. I'm not sure. But, I'm still stupidly happy with it.

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