Thursday, May 29, 2014

Work on the Starfleet Bustle Gown

I had picked this project back up in order to have it finished in time for DCC. Well, I had to cancel my plans to go to the con, which completely killed my sewing mojo, but I did manage some progress on the dress. The main thing to do was just get everything stitched together. It had all been pinned into place, but little actual sewing had happened.

The front panel was sort of just finagled. I hadn't been sure how to work in the look of the Starfleet undershirt, but then I just said, screw it, I'll make the bodice CF in my division colour!

When I had first started on this dress some time back, I had gotten frustrated waiting for the shop to finish repairing my machine (a quoted one-week repair ended up taking over two, for just a tune-up, which made me completely miss my event deadline. Ugh.) and done some hand-sewing on the bodice, which turned out to have been a bad idea. I had to open up almost all of the seams because I'd completely forgotten about the quilting on the yoke. ^^; I also hadn't cut out any lining, so I ended up taking out most of the seams I had hand-sewn in order to cut out my lining. Oh, well.

Once I had quilted the yoke, I reassembled the bodice and added the gray shoulder part of the yoke to the sleeves, which I also quilted. Then it was just a matter of sewing the sleeves to the bodice, which sounds a lot easier than it is. But, once everything was finally lined up, I stitched it all together and finished the bottom edges of the yoke.

It's pretty well along now, but there's still quite a bit to do. The bodice lining needs to be finished and the boning added. The front edges of the black part of the bodice are going to be bound with bias tape and the teal panels will be stitched down to give the impression of a vest underneath a jacket. The sleeves are slightly too long, so they need to be taken up, and the front bodice closure (I think I'm going with snap tape) needs to be added. Someday, I'll actually get to wear this thing to a con...hopefully for Fan Days in October! I definitely want to alien it up while wearing this, too, and I'm leaning Andorian. After all...I'd get to have antennae. XD

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