Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Queenly Headdress for a Bride

This past weekend, my friends, Vanessa and Shane, had their 20th wedding anniversary and vow renewal ceremony. They decided they wanted all their friends to gather together, drink loki, eat cake, and celebrate with them. I had promised her something shiny to wear on her head, so it was time to make another headdress!

It's constructed exactly the same as my Burgundy Headdress, which you can see in the last picture. The only difference was that I glued down the spines instead of stitching them, as the stitched-in ones had the tendency to slip out of place. The glued-in ones are definitely not going anywhere!

The bead detailing around the rim of each piece was first strung onto a bit of jewelry wire, which was then whip-stitched in place. I was originally going to sew the beads directly onto the headdress, but they weren't very straight, and I wanted everything to look tidy. This turned out to be a very good solution, as it kept everything neat, and if she chooses to switch out the beads later on, she just has to remove the wire strand and replace it with a new one!

The fabric itself was the same fabric as her gown. Everything else I had in my Stash, except for the gold lace, which is probably the most expensive trim I've ever bought, ever, at $17.99/yard. It was totally worth it, though, and once I had seen it at the store, I couldn't not use it.

Vanessa was very happy with the the headdress, and it accented her gown perfectly. And we were two fabulous ladies in our garb!


  1. I love this headpiece! Did you ever get around to making a pattern? :)

    1. I have, but I haven't gotten around to scanning it in yet. ^^; I will try to have it up soon!

    2. Oh darn I really need to make one of these in 2 weeks, and ive been trying to find this pattern for this style headdress. any chance you can email?
      Peggy Sue

    3. Hi, Peggy. At the moment I don't have the ability to scan the pattern into the computer, so I'm afraid there's no way for me to share it right now. :-/

    4. Hello Megan. My daughter and I came across your blog while looking for a unique Renaissance period woman's headpiece. We are going to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival and this year we are going in full costume. How fun is that? I was hoping you might be able to tell me where I can find a pattern for the burgundy headdress. It's perfect. Thank you, Wanda Newbold

    5. Hi, Nicole! I made my own pattern for the headdress. I don't have it uploaded here on the site, but you can see the shapes I used by looking at the early posts for the burgundy headdress. Good luck with your costumes! :D