Wednesday, December 3, 2014

School's over, time to sew!

Yesterday was my last day of class for this semester. I'm rather sad, as this semester's been a total blast, but at least it means lots of free time to catch up on NOLA stuff! After finishing my last bit of homework today, I got back to work on Charlotte, and I assembled all of the overdress!

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There's still a lot to do - the skirt needs to actually be stitched on, the bodice lining needs to be made entirely and attached, the front placket needs to be added, and the hooks and eyes for the front need to be done. But LOOK AT IT! IT LOOKS LIKE A DRESS! So excited. XD

 I was originally going to make the underdress as a built in skirt and sleeves, but I decided to make a seperate underdress, after all. The original underdress was described as a "crinkle silk gauze", and I noticed that there's a dot pattern on the fabric. I was super, super lucky and found a white dotted crinkle gauze at Joann's, which is practically a fabric miracle, so I bought the whole bolt. There's enough on there to make a drawstring "little white dress", with little puff sleeves and some detachable long sleeves, so I'm going to get two uses out of it - LWD, and Charlotte underlayer. :D

The only thing I need to find still is the lace for the hem. I can't find anything that I really love, but I'm not ready to give up. I'm hitting a couple of places after my finals next week, so fingers crossed I find something quickly!

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