Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Candy Pink Petticoat

So, I bought some fabric last week, and it's already become a thing!


It's a big pink petticoat! But it's not just any pink petticoat. It's adjustable!
IMG_1169 IMG_1172

You tie it closed through the metal loops first, then you use the ties on the hangy-loose part to adjust the length of the skirt over the panniers at the side. Theoretically, it could fit over any pannier you have, no matter what size. I made them based off of this set at the Met:

And, my petticoat is entirely hand-sewn! I was house-sitting for someone this past week, and managed to get it cut out, sewn together, and hemmed while I was over there. I finished the waist fitting and all that jazz when I got home yesterday. :D

I also dug out all the pieces for the pet en l'air last night and started trying to figure out what the hell I had been doing. I mean, this thing was tragic. I vaguely remember trying to follow Janet Arnold to make it, buuuuuut...this thing was a train wreck. Thankfully, since I've been working on the aqua francaise, I had a well-fitted pattern for the lining already draped and copied onto paper, so I used that to fix...whatever the hell was going on the first time around.
IMG_1173 IMG_1174

It's still not great, but it's getting a whole hell of a lot better. Unfortunately, because of my bad drafting the first time around, I'm going to have to do some piecing on the skirt, since it's much shorter over the panniers than it is at the front and back. Ugh. I hate piecing, but there's absolutely no spare fabric, so I have to do what I can. I'm just glad I cut out the sleeves last time I tried this project, because otherwise I'd be completely screwed!

I'm so glad I'm finally getting this project finished, it's been a UFO for about three years now! I'm imagining it finished with a set of white mits and a little dormeuse cap.

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