Monday, February 23, 2015

A Regency Coral Diadem

There's a fever sweeping the costuming community this year. Tiara fever. Diadems. Crowns. Shiny head thingies. I haven't been immunized against Shiny this year, so, of course, I fell victim to the fever. So, I made a coral tiara.

I used lamp banding from eBay, brass sheet, 20 gauge wire, coral beads, and plastic combs. It was a complete experiment working with new materials (the lamp banding was foreign territory to me), and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.  I'll have a post in the near future on how I went about making it.

Also, is this slipping? It feels like it's slipping...


  1. Ohmygosh... Ohmygosh... Ohmygosh!!! This is so fabulous!! I am in awe of this masterpiece! A great work of art! I cannot wait for the how to!!

  2. Your brilliant- have I mentioned that yet?

  3. thanks for sharing your creative process and insights!