Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Petit Trianon Birthday Party

You know, you only turn (mumble) once, so I decided that this year, I would do it right with an 18th Century dinner party. I've been mildly obsessed with the outdoor dinner party scene in Marie Antoinette for a while now, and I really wanted to capture that feeling when creating my own party.

I set up a small pop-up pavilion (not the most period accurate thing in the world, I know) in the treed part of the yard, draped some white cotton up for curtains, and strung Christmas lights all through the top of the pavilion. During the day it wasn't super pretty or period looking, but after the sun when down it transformed just like I was hoping it would.

I had gone all-out with food stuffs, too. If we were going to party like Marie Antoinette, we'd need all sorts of goodies.  I made berry tarts and miniature raspberry chocolate cakes, apple rose pastries, macarons, chocolate almonds, madeleines, and every good thing. My friends brought a variety of savories, and I had some rolled meats and a baked brie, and everything was delicious. There was also iced green tea and champagne punch with strawberries.

We spent the entire night talking and laughing and had a wonderful time of it all. I live rather far out into the country, so I'm so glad my friends made the trip out to see me and celebrate my mumbledy year with me. I probably won't have many more chances in the next few years to throw big bashes like this, so I'm glad I finally had my chance to recreate my favourite party scene!