Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Georgian Picnic

Augh, I'm so far behind in posting! So much has happened in the last month, and I haven't posted about any of it!

So, first up, the Georgian Picnic. This is one of my favourite events with the DFW Costumer's Guild. This year we switched venues, from the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, to River Legacy Park in Arlington. While not quite as idyllic as the Botanic Gardens, there was a great deal of space and lots of wonderful wooded pathways to explore.

The day of the picnic was blustery, with cold temperatures and a persistent wind. We began the day with a small picnic of shared dishes while we chatted and caught up with each other. We moved down to a more sheltered area, which provided us a little bit of respite from the wind, where we took some photos and played some period games. (BTW, Pall Mall is super fun. It's sort of a mix between croquet and golf, and while it had pretty much petered out in popularity by the 18thC, it was still really fun to play.)

The sun started setting early and it started getting colder, so we headed over to La Madeleine for a bit of dinner and more chatting. They had a wonderful fire going in the restaurant, and delicious French foods, so it was a perfect end to the day.


Next time I'll talk about the suit I made for my sweetheart for the picnic, which is the burgundy and indigo ensemble you see above. Winter Break is coming up at school (last day of classes was today, and finals are next week, so we're almost there!) and there will be much updating and much sewing during the break!

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