Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Embroidery Continues!

I can see the finish line! Last night I managed to complete the fill pattern on one half of the waistcoat, and if I can finish the other side tonight, and the remains of the second pocket flap, I'll be done!

Because the fill pattern needed to be in a grid and I didn't want to spend hours marking out and measuring a grid on the fabric, I picked up some gridded interfacing and used that to guide me.

The interfacing had a one inch grid on it, which was a little too dense for what I wanted to do, so I marked out an inch and a half grid using the lines on the interfacing to guide me. It was much closer to what I wanted, and using the interfacing made life a lot easier, especially since it was transparent enough that I could see the waistcoat through it and place it correctly without any hassle. The interfacing was a bit thick, so I had to poke holes into it with a pencil where I wanted my pattern to transfer to the fabric, but otherwise everything went swimmingly!

I started by sewing on each spangle.

I then added the stem and a couple of leaves, each in a different shade of green.

One hoop full of fill pattern took around 40 minutes to an hour to complete, so completing the entire thing took around 5 hours.

I'm so excited that I can move onto construction next week. M needs a new shirt, too, so I'll probably begin work on that at the same time. I have some really fabulous lightweight linen/cotton fabric that will make a great shirt, and I may sneak some lace onto the cuffs while he's not looking.

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