Thursday, May 1, 2008

Green Taffeta Gown

November 19, 2008

You won't believe how much work I've gotten done on this dress! Hardly any at all. I cut out a new bodice and set to embroidering it with gold thread. I finally managed to finish that, added the gold beads and black jewels, and then set it aside and forgot about it. Then, when I was cleaning out my project area, I found...another bodice! I had completely forgotten that I had already cut out a new bodice to replace the Simplicity bodice, so now I have one plain bodice and one embroidered, both unfinished. I'm doing some research on how to embellish the second bodice, so there should hopefully be some picture updates soon. At least I'll be able to get plenty of use out of this gown!

May 01, 2008

After it's two day run for Scarborough's opening, it's time to take apart the half-finished, rush job taffeta gown, and make a respectable gown out of it. Thankfully, I still have two or three yards of the fabric left, so I can make an entirely new bodice.
Originally, because I didn't want to draft out a bodice, I decided to use a commercial pattern - Simplicity 3782.

At first, I was really excited to use it. The bodice pattern looked exactly like the pattern created by using the drafting instructions on! I dove into the project with great enthusiasm, only to be sorely disappointed. The straps are set very wide, so that they don't even offer any support to the bodice. The finished bodice was about 4 inches too small at the waist. I had to insert two panels into the back to make the thing fit. The pattern calls for the bodice to be heavily boned, but after half a day at the faire the boning failed me (when will I ever learn?), and I was left with a shapeless green monstrosity.

Needless to say, I have no qualms about ripping up this bodice to salvage the boning for other projects. If I could, I would head down to Hope Depot and pick up some cable ties so I wouldn't have to use salvaged Featherlite boning (oh, how I've come to loathe Featherlite boning!), but I don't want to use up any of my precious, precious gas to get to the Home Depot when I don't have any other errands that take me that direction.

This is the gown as it was worn on the first day of Scarby. Yes, it was very unfinished. The skirt was pleated into an un-interfaced waistband the day before Faire. Because I didn't have time (or desire) to add sleeves to this pathetic bodice, I wore it with an old Victorian blouse (buh). The forepart is pinned directly onto the farthingale. Yeah, I know. It doesn't look quite as pathetic in real life, but it's pretty close. Believe me, it'll look better once I tear it apart.

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