Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Costume Rehab

This gown languished in my costume collection for almost two years before I dragged it out and redid it. When it first reemerged it was unfinished, unhemmed, embellished, and just rather sad looking. All I had really done on it was sew it together and make the saque.
Thankfully, a friend of mine wanted to do a photoshoot, and something told me to redo this dress. I finished off the raw edges, made a petticoat out of silk essence, a wonderful fabric that Joann's always has in stock, and added ruching everywhere. I don't even know how many yards of fabric I used for the ruching and petticoat, but I know that I bought an entire bolt of fabric and ended up with just over a yard left afterwards.
The stomacher is also in the same silk essence, stiffened with plastic cross stitch canvas, which everyone knows I love more than I should. It's embellished with gold braid that I actually had bought for something else.
I'm rather happy with how the finished gown turned out. There are, of course, always some things that I might change or redo, but at least the thing is wearable and presentable now. Before and after pics are below.

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