Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A-kon Cosplay update

Things for A-kon have been going along swimmingly. I've managed to finish Battle!Integra, patches, badges, and all, so she's packed and ready to go. Cardinal Sforza is almost finished up, I just need to tackle the cloak and finish up the scrollwork and beading. Allot of arrows need to be made, too, which will probably be the most tedious part, but I'll tackle that when I get to it. It took me forever to find the right guage of wire to make them with, but it ended up being in Joann's jewelry department!
Saber is nearly finished. All that remains is to add the standing collar and finish up the trim and she'll be ready to wear. I have yet to make the armour, but at least I'll have her to the point where the costume will fit in with the cosplay group and be recognizable. If I have the time, then I'll make the armour. I think I'll find the time to make the sword, though. I found this wonderful tutorial on youtube that makes things increadibly simple :

It makes me think that I can make a really awesome sword in a short amount of time, so I'm willing to give it a shot. I love the look of the metal tape they used, I just hope I can it or something similar.
Helga is nearly finished, as well. I have the wig and the extensions I need to style it, I just have to get around to doing it. There are also some jewelry bits that I need to make, plus the harness/corset for the armour, but they're all small things that won't take much time. Ingrid hasn't been started yet, so there isn't anything to update with her, and the Painted Lady has been scratched because there hasn't been any more news on whether or not there's actually going to be a meetup or not.

In other costuming news, Scarborough Faire is coming up, as is the spring Japanese Festival. I've been working on some sakura kanzashi for the Japanese festival, and my court gown is being fit anew for the upcoming faire, so pictures are sure to come soon.

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