Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In the Hood

I'm off work today! And that meant that last night, I didn't have to go to bed at a reasonable hour! I stayed up late finishing the French Hood for my court gown. Not bad for working with scraps from the fabric stash, ne?

I'm thinking that since I made the entire thing out of scraps from The Stash, that I should put up a tutorial for other budget costumers. Of course, since I didn't take any in-progress shots, that would require me to make another hood. Oh, the horror! (cough)

In other news, I've finally broken down and am bidding on a lace front wig that I can style into a Maiko wig. My own hair is very fine and doesn't take to styling well, and with a wig I'd only have to style it once. And with a lace front, it will look like it's actually -my- hair instead of looking like a costume wig. If I win it (current bid...$0.99!), then expect some styling pics, followed by pics of me prancing around like a crazed lune in my kimono. :p

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