Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sage Green Polonaise

Sage Green Polonaise

This dress was one of those things that came about for the sole reason that I had some fabric, and I wanted a big, fluffy dress.
The blue pinstriped polonaise that Marie Antoinette wears when seeing off the hunting party was an -instant- favourite for me. I've always had a love of polonaise gowns, so of course, I fell head over heels for all that fluffy drapery.
The fabric I used is a sage green satin that is really, really SHINY. I had originally bought it for another costume that turned out to be a bust, so I repurposed it for drapey fluffiness.
I drafted the bodice pattern using the instructions from Renaissance Tailor. The petticoat was draped using the instructions on Costumer's Guide. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)
The bodice is interlined with duck canvas and closes under the centre front panel with a row of industrial snaps. The overskirt is sewn onto the bodice and the drapery is stitched into place.
All the ruching and ruffles have pinked edges and are made of the gown fabric.
Since making this gown, I've lost quite a bit of weight, so it doesn't fit as snugly as it should. I do intend to remake the bodice so it fits properly, though. ^^


  1. WOW! 18th century is my favorite period, and this is such an awesome gown. I agree, something "big and fluffy," and you chose a beautiful color too. Absolutely stunning!

  2. Thank you so much! It's my favourite time period, too. :D I have so many half-finished gowns laying around, but I swear that I'll finish them someday. :p It's just a bummer that I don't have an events to wear them to. :(