Sunday, March 20, 2011

Commission - Rachel Alucard

I just finished up a commission for Rachel Alucard from BlazBlue. This was a fun, frilly project that I really enjoyed making. :D
The dress is made of poly suiting fabric, with the red accents in 'silk essence', which is a favourite fabric of mine.

The first step was to alter a store-bought hoop skirt to the right length. I did this with a simple whip stitch to shorten each hoop section. I then made a simple cotton petticoat with a bottom ruffle to go over it.

The rest of the dress came together pretty quickly. The skirt is lined, as are the 'bat wings' that go over the skirt were also lined before being sewn down to the skirt itself.
The blouse was made using a blazer pattern, which I altered to fit the reference art.

The shoulder cape was a simple circle pattern that I cut out and adjusted through a few fittings. The standing collar is interfaced with really, really heavy duty interfacing, which is awesome stuff. It closes with a bow at the neck, which is hidden under the large decorative bow.

All the red designs are outlined with white ribbon.

The last little alteration was to the closure. In the reference art, it looked like the bodice was supposed to close with simple ribbons that tied shut, but I wanted it to be a bit more secure. So, I did a button up front, with satin ribbons at each buttonhole.

So, there it is! I plan to share allot more of my commission work in the future, since it's a large portion of the sewing work that I actually do. Look for more in the near future!

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