Monday, March 21, 2011

Updates and the Jin Kisaragi Commission

Things are progressing nicely! I'm working on getting the Advanced Contouche Tutorial up and running pretty soon, which, of course, means I'll actually have to finish my red contouche that I've been working on since...well...last year. Hehe. But I'm taking allot of pictures as I go, and noting the changes I've had to make to my original pattern, so I'm pretty sure I can come up with a fairly good tutorial.

I've also gotten a good amount of work done on another commission - Jin Kisaragi from Blazblue, who you can see to the right. I'm about 85% finished with him. As you can see below, there's a little bit of detail work still to be done, and the boots are giving me hell, but still, so far, so good. It's a bit hard to get an idea of what it'll look like on an actual person, since those sleeve thingies are always blowing in the perpetual anime/video game breeze in all the artwork, but once the customer is actually wearing the costume, you'll be able to see how it all works out.

There's a full length jumpsuit underneath the tunic that has a zipper down the centre front. The tunic has a cross-over front which closes with a snap. I haven't finished the belt yet, but it's nearly there.
The coat is sleeveless, but the long sleeve...things...not sure what you'd call them... are stitched on to secure them. There's a bit of strapping that seems to be holding it on in the artwork, but that seems a bit flimsy to me, hence the stitching. The strapping will still be added, but it will be purely decorative and serve no real function.

The boots are a work in progress. I should have them completed soon, but it's been allot of trial and error. I'm finally happy with what I've got going now, so I'll have pics of that soon, too.

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