Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Commission - Ian's Wrath of Khan Uniform

Back in the Monster Maroon pattern review, I mentioned that my friend, Ian, had commissioned me for one of these handsome Starfleet uniforms.
I used the official patterns, which you can read my thoughts on by following the above link. I used a wonderful winter suiting wool from the local Joann's in 'biking red' for the uniform jacket, a nice almost-white knit for the undershirt/tunic, and black gabardine for the trousers.
The combadge, rank pins, and the pips & squeaks came from Intergalactic Trading. The clasp closure for the jacket flap came from XScapes Props, and the chain for the flap detailing came from Katarra8, and is the same that they used on the movie uniforms. I also bought the belt on eBay, but it's of inferior quality, so I plan to buy another one.
Please excuse the poor quality of the photos! They were some quick shots I took with my camera phone the morning of shipping, so they aren't the greatest. I'll hopefully have some pics in the future of Ian sporting his uniform.


  1. How much did this cost in all and would you be willing to take another order? I'm still trying to decide between a TWOK or FC-style uniform for when I go to the Vegas convention in August. Even though I'm fairly well domesticated, I don't own a sewing machine and even if I did, I think this is beyond me and I want it to look professional.


  2. Hi, Mike! I'd definitely be willing to make another, this was a fun uniform to make. :) Email me at - and we can talk more in depth about what you had in mind.