Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Commission - Ragna

It's finally finished! It was my first time tackling pleather, and it's something I don't particularly want to tackle again. It wasn't particularly horrible, I just hate that you can't iron the stuff! I've become so addicted to ironing everything, and this stuff just doesn't want to sit and stay. Ah, well. I think it turned out pretty well, despite not being able to iron it!
The sleeveless top and the Giant Pants of Doom are all in black suiting. They both went together allot quicker than I expected, especially the pants. Everywhere I was looking at references and discussion forums, they were all trying to do some sort of hakama without pleats. This seemed far too frustrating to me to try and figure out, so I took a regular pants pattern and did crazy things with the legs. I put a seam up the front, which was allot easier than I anticipated (since I had read horror stories online about people trying to put in the same sorts of seams), and then I flared out the legs in a similar fashion to making a circle skirt. These legs are now huge. And they look awesome when walking around, so I'm definitely happy.
There's a belt missing in the photos below, but I did make it. It just decided to hang out on the couch during the photos.

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