Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Black Hat Society Witch's Tea

This month definitely seems to have been a very busy one for costume events! Today, I attended the Black Hat Society's Witch's Tea at a local tearoom. There was quite a variety of costumes, everything from some really gorgeous Steampunk to Medieval inspired witch's garb. It was really fabulous. And there were some amazing hats! I have to admit...I got a bit lazy and just pulled something out of the closet. I had a Regency style dress in black and gold that I thought would work well for the occasion, so I opted for comfort and wore that over sewing myself back into the black and gold bustle gown.
Anyway, everyone looked fabulous, and our host came up with some wonderful party games. We first split into two teams - The Fighting Phoenixes and the Minotaurs of Montgomery (since we were at the Montgomery Street Tearoom). We were each assigned a Wizarding name (I was the Countess Miltrina Mugwyrm), and we had to be mindful to call each other by our new names, otherwise we would have a point deducted from our team. We all got very into calling out people on the other team that used real names by accident. Hehe!
We played a Victorian parlor game, where based on a drawing of cards, a "killer" was picked for each team, though no one knew who they were. They could then subtly take out people on the opposing team by winking at them. The goal was to guess the other team's killer before your entire team was eliminated. Very fun!
We had a few rounds of witch-themed scattergories, and then, since we were in an antique mall, we had a scavenger hunt, with a list of magical-inspired items. We had to find things like, "A Magic Mirror", and "Something to keep potions in". I was particularly happy with our item for "something to ride while flying", because we managed to find an old vacuum cleaner that was just like the one in Hocus Pocus!
The Minotaurs of Montgomery, the team I was on, ended up winning the House Cup, and we were reward with little Liger statuettes. (We couldn't figure out whether it was meant to be a lion or a tiger, so we decided it was both.) We were all inducted into the Black Hat Society at the end, receiving a tiny broom as a token.
All in all, it was an amazingly fun event. I hope that it becomes a semi-regular thing to have these costumed gatherings. The host did an amazing job coming up with the party games and keeping us all entertained.

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