Saturday, May 7, 2011

Etsy's Up and a few Update-lettes

Sooo...I haven't actually gotten any real work done. On anything. Hence the pathetic lack of posts lately. I just can't seem to get myself motivated to finish any of it. It's abundantly clear that I gave myself far too little time to finish the black bustle gown in time for the train ride, so now I'm trying to figure out something else for the gathering while the black gown languishes on the dress dummy.
I have started on my Coronation Gown, but every time I take progress photos of the embroidery, they look a bit underwhelming, so I have nothing really to share yet.
But! I have managed to set up an Etsy shop for myself, where I've listed a handful of my old Lolita dresses, which I can no longer wear. (Yay! Weight loss!) So, if you are looking for an XL Lolita gown for your upcoming event, I have some to sell!
These are the pieces I have available. Clicking on the pics will take you to the Etsy page for them. :)

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