Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maroons, Gala gowns, and Cardassian necks

Oh Mylanta, I've been running around like a crazy person getting things finished for the convention! I bought myself a ticket to the Gala on Saturday night because everyone was talking about, and I wanted to make something awesome that I could wear. I wanted to keep my Cardassian prosthetics on, too, since it's supposedly going to be like going into the holosuite on DS9, with Vic Fontaine and everything. So, I used the bodice pattern from my Cardassian civilian dress, drafted out a gored skirt, and put it all together.

I also experienced my first foray into the world of latex prosthetic...making. I had ordered an entire set of Cardassian prosthetics, but when the package arrived, only the forehead was in there. This does me no good since, 1) I already have a forehead, and 2) the forehead didn't even fit. I'm still trying to get a hold of the woman I ordered from, to no avail.
So, I went into a bit of a panic, emailing every prosthetics house out there to see if they'd make them for me. Thankfully, I have friends in the Sideshow. No, really. Della Deadgirl and I went to college together, tromped around New Orleans doing sideshow stuff to freak out the drunk people on Bourbon Street, and have done many other really awesome things. And, she does prosthetic work! She stepped forward like the wonderful zombie she is and offered to help me out.
So, we got together and spent a day sculpting and making molds. We even were able to cast a couple of pieces before the end of the day. We had made molds of the neck scales, but I had to cast them in latex at home since we ran out of time. The first set of neck scales came out beautifully, though they need to be pieced together. We did them in two separate pieces so I could have a bit more mobility and wouldn't have to worry about tearing if I made any sudden movements. So, they haven't been pieced together in that pic, but you get an idea how they will look. I'm crazy pleased with how they turned out, and now I'm never going to have to rely on someone else for my prosthetics ever again. Hooray!

Next on the list was a commission for a Monster Maroon uniform, also known as a TWOK uniform (The Wrath of Khan). It went together super quickly, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I really, really need to get a male form so I don't have to pad out my female forms anymore.

I'll have more pics of uniformed officers sporting my creations after the convention, since I'll be seeing them all there!
There's another Maroon in the works, a lady's skirt version for the dealer's room display, and I still have to finish up the First Contact uniform and the Cardassian uniform, so I'll have more to update before long.


  1. You are a Jill of All Trades!

    Did you perhaps work for some of the Trek series costume departments? Because they could have used you!

    I hope you get lots of pics of you in your Cardassian ensembles. I'm dying to see the end result of all this work. It's going to be smashing!

  2. Ha, that would have been awesome, but no, never did work on any of the Trek productions. Maybe someday I'll get to work on a fan production, though!

    I'm definitely going to take lots of pics. :D I have a couple of friends that are really smashing photographers, and besides the pics at Khan, I'm going to have them take some professional shots of each costume. :D