Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dude in NY wants an arm and a leg for ugly as hell "Steampunk" loft, and some future Tweets

I came across this article earlier, and it kinda pissed me off. This "designer" has hung some farm equipment on his walls, spattered around a bit of brown paint, and called the apartment "Steampunk". And what's with that first picture? It looks like the mud room from a hack-n-slash movie.
This is what I don't like about Steampunk...people think they can nail a couple of windmill parts to their ceiling and glue gears all over their dress, and it suddenly becomes Steampunk. Don't get me wrong, there are some things I really love about it, like Richard Nagy's absolutely amazing computer mods, Jake von Slatt and his blog, The Steampunk Workshop, or Filimon's beautiful keyboards. There are beautiful costume designs out there, like the girl at A-kon a couple of years ago with a black and neon green 1860s gown (complete with neon green mohawk), the girl with the really superb adventuress outfit (complete with pith helmet), or the man who made that amazing Steampunk arm (which actually made an appearance on Castle).
Anyway, I think this is part of the reason I haven't gotten more involved with Steampunk goings on. There are events in the area occasionally, and A-kon tried to do some Steampunk stuff a few years ago (and failed, because they fell into the "if it has gears and a top hat, it's Steampunk" trap), but I've never made an effort to go to them. I have started on a few costumes in the past, but I've never actually finished any of them. (I still want to finish the Chinese style embroidered tailcoat, though, just because it's going to be awesome once it's complete.)

Anyway, onto something a bit more cheerful. I came across this site that the Bloggess posted, that claims it can predict my next tweets. Here is what it gave me:

"Was asked to finish the wig for someone that weighs 800 pounds. x.x I may be having RP withdrawals..."
"Apparently, this big!"
"It's all finished. At least I have environmental controls on the Great Fire of fabric???"

"Cardassian Going to judge the pieces for my bolt of fabric??? FINALLY happy with the armour!"

'So much fun with zombies. No one is happening! "

"No response from across the final latex."

"Updates on Romulus?"

"I NEED a Starfleet officer."

"Going to have friends in the sideshow. You never know when you'll need someone that's going quickly."

"Two Cardassians, a good idea."

"I have Rod Serling to help me."

"Two Cardassians, a marathon of fabric??? FINALLY happy with zombies."

"Found someone that has first hand experience with zombies. "

"You never know when you'll need someone that weighs 800."

"Watching a professional FX artist apply my blog, where I'll be cross-eyed before it's all neat."

"Finished the costume stuff. Was asked to have Rod Serling to finish up the sideshow."

"Updates on the sideshow. You never know when you'll need someone that weighs 800 pounds. x.x"

P.S. I tried to fix the funky font size above, but blogger keeps putting it back to the smaller size. I think it thinks that it's funny. :p


  1. Put the PUNK back in STEAMPUNK! (I feel I often fail at this myself... Perhaps I should just claim 'NeoVictorian' status, but I do love the punky steampunk literature and etc. even if I cannot always achieve the effect for myself...)

    Awesome Tweet predictions, BTW.

    "I NEED a Starfleet officer." Who doesn't? ;-)

  2. I admire the appreciation for old things and the tinkers aspect of steampunk but have not tried the style myself. I agree there should be limits to what is classified as the style and a cheap rip off, though we can all pass our own opinons on that. Personally I am a closet goth, not allowed by my line of work to go crazy with dying my hair or the awesome makeup, though I transform when I get to a concert once or twice as year as I can afford.

  3. Better yet, yet's call it Steam TGI Friday's!