Monday, September 5, 2011

Animal does a Striptease, International Bacon Day, and a bunch of Maroons

So, I haven't managed any sort of appreciable work on the Burton dress, except that I pinned up the sides into a polonaise. Huzzah!
What I have managed to do on my Labour Day Weekend was try 3,948 different sort of beers (okay, so maybe it was more like 12) at Flying Saucer, where my friends and I were that table. The boys ended up doing Arnold impressions for at least 30 minutes, we were all laughing really loudly, and we would randomly burst into verses from Springtime for Hitler from The Producers. We decided afterward to invade Barnes & Noble, where we found an eerily accurate astrology book. It told me I have a distinctive beauty mark (which I have), and a high hairline. HOW DOES IT KNOW THAT?!
Friday night, my friends and I invaded the Viva! Dallas Burlesque show at the Lakewood Theatre. The lady that runs it, who also runs Through the Looking Glass Studio and is the editor of Pin Curl Magazine, is a friend of mine, so she saved us the whole second row. We had an excellent view of all the twirling tassels, and were in the direct line of fire when pasties started popping. The most disturbing part of the evening was definitely when Animal from The Muppets got on stage and did a striptease to "Wild Thing".

MC: And now, "Wild Thing!"
Audience: "WOO!"
On Stage: Animal in a corset and tassels.
Audience: ~laughing, screaming, running~
Our Table: "OH GOD."
Me: "She's going to take off the Animal mask at any moment now, and balance will be restored to the universe."
On Stage: Fringe and undies go flying. Music ends. Exit stage right.
Me: "My childhood was just assaulted in a dark alley."
Audience: "We need more booze!"

Now that that image is firmly in your mind, here's some random stuff from the internet!

8 Essential Bacon Hacks
- Because it's International Bacon Day, and who doesn't need an oil lantern made of bacon drippings?
Coffee Table of the GODS
Giant Plushie Microbes! Makes a great gift - "I just gave you Herpes!"

Also, a friend finally shared a picture of myself and two of my Maroons from the Vegas Convention :)


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