Saturday, November 5, 2011

Finally, some sewing!

So, now that the blog is mostly updated, I decided it was time to get some sewing done. (Of my own, that is!) In keeping with my pledge to not buy any new fabric through the end of the year, I dug out an old project and started back up on it. And, believe it or not, it's anime cosplay!

Admittedly, it's been a while since I last worked on this. I haven't been to a single anime convention this year, except to deliver costumes to customers, and I haven't felt the desire to work on any anime cosplay in quite some time. But, I've always loved this dress. And, I had already bought the materials and started on it, so I wasn't going to have to buy anything new!  So, I dug it out and got back to work on it.
The first thing I had to do was remove some of the trim I'd added to the skirt. Because I couldn't find any gold/black striped fabric, I had decided to simply sew lines of metallic gold trim to the skirt panels. I had opted for one line every 5/8", but after looking at it again, it seemed too crowded. I removed every other line, and left it with one line every 1 1/2", which looks much better, and is closer in look to the reference image. It is, however, harder to apply them at this interval. The 5/8" interval I could eyeball and still end up with straight lines, but not anymore. I have to mark out each line one the fabric before sewing down the trim, so I've pretty much doubled my work time on this skirt now. Oh, well. (Here's a tip...I don't have tailor's chalk, so I've been using a white coloured pencil to mark on the black fabric. It works beautifully!)
Here's my progress on the skirt so far:

I feel like I'm going to be completely cross-eyed by the end of this project from staring at stripes all day! Still, it's coming along nicely. So far, I've used somewhere between 42 and 50 yards of trim on the skirt alone. I've been buying the stuff by the bolt (36 yds), and just ran out again today. >.< But, I've been using this trim on loads of other things, too, so I know the last bolt wasn't entirely dedicated to the skirt. I'll have more progress after a trip to the fabric store!

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