Friday, February 17, 2012

Plotting some Steampunk

So, it figures that when I finally get my sewing gumption up again, I end up making myself sick by crawling around on the floor for 9 hours while working on a commission. >.<  The second possible source of my current head cold could be the crew of my beloved Navras, since half the ship was sick during Sci-Fi Expo. (Too bad environmental scrubbers haven't been invented yet.) 
So, while laid up with the con crud and/or sewing crud, I've been pondering the upcoming Steampunk Tea Party, which is being put on by the DFW Costumer's Guild. I learned my lesson last year with the Frontier Days event, and am NOT planning an entirely new gown.  Instead, I'm going to try and make an ensemble around the striped and bronze steampunk skirt that I made last year.  I've been doing some digging, and have come up with a few ideas. First off, the bodice.
 I came across this while I was searching. It's offered by Ageless Patterns, but after reading some of the muss and fuss that people have had trying to finagle the pattern into working, I think I may just draft it from scratch. I love the cross over front and the velvet collar and lapels. I want to make it in a black and gold stripe, which may be difficult to find, but that I know I've seen at one of the Dallas fabric warehouses. 

For the overskirt, I'm going to go for something similar to this.

For this, I'm going with plain black taffeta, with gold on the bottom edge of the pleated trim, and a line of gold ribbon between the skirt and the pleating.

I think these two pieces are doable by March 31st, which is when the event is. :) No giant skirts, no tons of pleating, just a bodice and an overskirt.  Famous last words?


  1. YAY!!!!! I'm so glad you are coming to the Steampunk Tea! We've missed you lately, and I can't wait to see what you make!

    1. I've missed going to the events! They always seem to coincide with other obligations, so I'm REALLY looking forward to making it to them again! :D

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for following my blog ...
    I've did my last bodice with the AP Pattern and had no problems ... it
    I've had to alter it a litte bit, because I'm quite tall, but all in all it was nice to work with it...

    1. That's good to know, thank you! I was a little worried because the measurements for the finished garment are quite far from my own corseted measurements. I may try it out, though! Thanks! :D