Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break in Review!

This past week was spring break, and it was a complete whirlwind of sewing, painting, costume photoshoots and events, and spur of the moment projects.  While I didn't finish as much as I had wanted, I am pleased with what I did manage to check off my list.  So, what was I up to?

First, I finished a commission for a Wrath of Khan era Starfleet Admiral's uniform.

I've been promised pics of my client wearing the uniform at WonderCon, so hopefully I'll have some better pics soon!

I spent Wednesday making and painting my new tie-on darari obi.

Yes, that's the emblem of the Cardassian Union where the hanamachi's crest should be.  I couldn't help myself, I had to slip in some sci-fi somewhere. 
I finished the obi and wig literally the same morning that I was to have a geisha photoshoot with my fabulous green kimono.  I haven't received the pics from the shoot yet (it was only a few days ago), but here's a bathroom shot and a sneak peek!

After the shoot, I ran home, styled a new wig, dressed, and then dashed off to the LBC Wine & Whist event.

At the geisha shoot, while chatting with my photographer and taking some pics near some gorgeous wisteria, I mentioned that we should do another shoot sometime, since I still have a couple of kimono I haven't had a chance to play in yet, namely my favourite purple one. She responded, "How about tomorrow?"  So, the next morning, we did it all again!

I wish I would have had time to make a red obi for that shoot, but oh, well!  I'm still really pleased with the ensemble, even if it is horribly out of season.  I don't have any sneak peek pics from that shoot, so we'll both just have to be patient and wait!

I took the rest of Friday off to recuperate from the flurry of activity, then Saturday, I decided that I really needed some court sized panniers.  So, I made some.

Now I just need to make a gown to go over them!  I'm toying with a few ideas, but haven't settled on anything concrete yet.  I'm especially proud that they were made from things I already had on hand, and didn't buy a single new thing to make them!

I didn't touch my steampunk outfit like I had intended, or make my elliptical hoop because the panniers ate up most of my hoop boning. It actually took longer to finish the Admiral than I had expected, and I ended up spending half of the week just working on that.  Oh, well. I think I still managed quite a bit!

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  1. What a fun week!!!I'm sure you'll be able to squeeze in some time to work on your steampunk outfit sooner than you think. ^_^