Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Bustle Dress Plans

At the end of June, the DFW Costumer's Guild is going to have a bustle era meetup for an impressionist exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum. At first, I was going to wear the steampunk ensemble I wore a few weeks ago, and that I'm planning to wear again to the Frontier Days Festival in May.  But, I started thinking about it, and dammit, I want a new gown! 

I have a single yard of 60" wide teal heavy satin that I've been wanting to use for a steampunk gown for a while now. But, with only a yard, there isn't exactly much I can do. I don't like the whole "corsets as outerwear" thing (they're underwear, people!), and I wanted a proper, full ensemble.

I started digging through my fabric stash to see what I had to work with, and looking over the reference pictures that I had to see if anything would work together. Then, I came upon this dress.

I think I can squeeze the solid coloured bits out of the teal satin that I have if I finagle it just right, and I happen to have 10 yards of black and white striped fabric, that I plan to dye to be teal and black.  It would end up looking like this:

So, the gown will turn out slightly darker looking than the original, but I've fallen in love with the idea of the teal and black together.  I won't be starting on this dress just yet, as I have a boat load of commissions to work on first, but thankfully, I have plenty of time before the event, so I'm not overly worried. (Famous last words.) 

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