Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm a Versatile Blogger!

I was just nominated for my first blogger award, the Versatile Blogger!

Thank you so much to the lovely Crystal, aka Jaquelinne de Radonvilliers over at The Path Within for nominating me. I'm always surprised when I find out that bloggers I follow are also following me, and this was certainly a wonderful way to find out! :D

So, the rules for the award are:

1) Thank and link back to the person who nominated you
2) Paste the award to your blog
3) Tell 7 things about yourself
4) Nominate up to 15 other blogs

Seven Things About Me

1. I have a weird love of velociraptors. I can't tell you why, except that they are awesome.

2. I took one course of sewing lessons at a local fabric store when I was 12 years old, where, over six weeks, we made a tote bag and one vest, which I made out of the most obnoxious fabrics I could find because I thought the project was dumb. After that, I just decided I could teach myself the rest.

3. I find it nearly impossible to bring myself to spend money on modern clothes for my regular wardrobe, but I'll drop money on fabric without a second thought. I sort of blame this on the fact that modern clothes are stupid and ugly and never fit me properly, and I can make anything I want from fabric.

4. I'm actually going to school for forensics, and hope to end up working in the local labs as early as next year.

5. I really, really, really want to get more into prop building, but I keep finding excuses not to do it. (Legitimate reasons, such as, "I'm broke and can't afford a lathe/vaccuform machine/silicone!")

6. When I was little and played dress-up, I would wear many dresses at one time so I could get my skirts to be fluffy. Imagine how excited I was when I got older and learned about petticoats!

7. Sometimes, I draw things: Abayomi on DeviantART

Nominate Others!

Festive Attyre - Jen is such a wonderful costumer, I always love seeing her creations take shape. She's also the instigator of the 18th Century Curtain Along, so I can blame her for expanding my 18thC wardrobe. ;)

Aylwen Historical Costuming - lots of lovely costume things, and I love seeing her event pictures.

Isis' Wardrobe - So many goodies, her blog is always full of good stuff!

Is that an Apres? - Sooo many pretty Italian Renaissance goodies. Her projects are always so drool-worthy, and I never wanted a bejeweled weasel until I saw hers.

Trystan's Costume Closet - Lovely, lovely clothes from all sorts of time periods.

Rising New Moon Studios - The blog of a friend of mine, I always love seeing his stage costumes and his personal projects.

Volpin Props - I don't know whether or not he knows or cares about blog awards, and I don't care. This man rocks my socks off.


  1. I love #6! I used to do the same exact thing! Every skirt in the closet.

  2. A belted sleeping bag worked wonders too!